Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Media

Goldmine of knowlege and innovation


Dr. Nick Waswa

Head of Department

HOD's Message

Welcome to The dept of Curriculum Instruction and media

CIM department is committed to providing quality teaching and training through research and community service learning in compliance with all the applicable requirements and continually improve effectiveness and efficiency in the discharge of its mandate.

Academic programs offered in the Department:

  1. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  2. Bachelor of Education in Special Needs (Arts)
  3. Diploma in Education Secondary Option (Arts)
  4. Master of Education in Curriculum Development
  5. Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Communication and Technology

Mission and vision


To conserve, create, disseminate knowledge and skills and develop cultural heritage through quality teaching, research, and extension.


To be the department at the center of teacher education and teacher professional development nationally, regionally, and globally.


  • To re-skill students for present day information economy.
  • To bring awareness of the rising intricacies of networked society.
  • To acquire practical skills in computer networking and digital communication.
  • To acquaint the students with principles of management of information systems and services.